Planned Giving

Howard N. Epstein
Executive Director

2013 Annual Report

An important part of the mission of The Jewish Federation of Omaha, Inc. and the Jewish Federation of Omaha Foundation is to support our fellow Jews in Israel. For many weeks this summer, Hamas terrorist missiles rained down on our Israeli brethren, and air raid sirens sounded throughout Israel many times daily. Israel defended itself, the Israeli military moved ground troops into Gaza, and most of the terrorist-built tunnels were destroyed. Fortunately, a truce is now in place, and it seems to be holding. The Israeli civilians, our fellow Jews in Israel, are rebuilding their lives and still dealing with the psychological trauma and socio-economic effects of the missile attacks. They still need our financial support to assure that Israeli humanitarian needs are met. So, the Stop the Sirens humanitarian campaign continues. Please join us in this worldwide effort. Click here to Donate Now.

We've created this easy-to-understand website to help you find the gift that's right for you. Here you can learn how to plan a gift to the Jewish Federation of Omaha Foundation. We'll tell you about creative giving strategies that enhance your, and your family's, well-being and help us as well.
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