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Trivia Night

OJAA will be hosting a free Trivia event on February 11th, 2021, at 7:00 P.M. Central time. You can register as an individual or as a team.

Those who register individually will be placed into teams randomly, which in my opinion, is half the fun! The event will be run by a professional Trivia company and will last 1 hour with an extended 30 minutes at the end if you wish to stay and catch up with others after the event. The event will be customized to focus on Omaha and the Omaha Jewish Community’s past, and will take many of you back in time while hopefully challenging you at the same time.  Please let all your friends and family know who may be interested! There is a registration link below with more information and instructions:

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After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.

Trivia Mafia, a Minneapolis based company, will moderate the trivia event! Trivia Mafia is committed to providing the best trivia - even in a world when we can barely gather in person. Join us on Zoom for a fresh batch of enjoyably challenging questions about all kinds of topics, but most based in the Jewish community in Omaha.  

  • Follow the Zoom link provided to start the game; you can download Zoom on your computer, use the app on your phone or tablet, or join on the web (there's even an extension for Chrome). You can join up to twenty minutes early and size up the competition! 
  • Show your team spifrit by changing your screen name to start with your team name once you join! (This will also help the host sort you into the correct room.) If you prefer to take your chances with a new group of friends, then put "Random" as your team name. 
  • Your team will have its own Breakout Room to discuss the questions after each round! Plan to take notes while the questions are being read.
  • The host will go over the Rules, read a round of five questions, then open the rooms (you'll see a prompt to Join your room at that time). 
  • You'll have five minutes to confer about the answers, and one person from your team will submit answers via a Google Form (provided during the Rules). 
  • The game will be 4 rounds of questions and take about an hour, and you'll see the team standings by the end. #braggingrights
  • We hope you enjoy a fun quiz where you learn something new about the world, or at least about your teams


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As we congratulate Margo Parsow on her well-deserved retirement, the Jewish Federation of Omaha Foundation would like to introduce you to Jay Katelman, who has taken over as the LIFE & LEGACY and Omaha Jewish Alumni Association (OJAA) Coordinator.  In addition to this role, Jay is also the Community Development Leader at the Jewish Federation of Omaha.  In this role, he is tasked with cultivating new community relationships, both personal and corporate, that will benefit the Jewish Federation of Omaha.  Jay was born and raised in Omaha, graduated from Westside High School, and completed a double major in Marketing and Management from the University of Nebraska Omaha.  He is currently working on his Master’s in Organization Leadership at Creighton University. 

Jay married his high school sweetheart Katrina, and they just welcomed their first child in February.  Their daughter Vivian is the center of attention and already has her father wrapped around her little fingers.  He loves to spend an afternoon on the golf course with friends and is a lifelong sports fan and a diehard “Jaysker,” he supports Husker football and holds season tickets for both Creighton Men’s Basketball and UNO Maverick Hockey. 

Jay is excited to start working as the LIFE & LEGACY and Omaha Jewish Alumni Association (OJAA) Coordinator and looks forward to meeting and speaking with all of our community members.  He loves to meet new people, so please feel free to reach out and introduce yourself!  You can reach him at (402) 334-6461 or at jkatelman@jewishomaha.org.

If you have any questions about OJAA please contact Jay Katelman, OJAA Coordinator at jkatelman@jewishomaha.org or 402-334-6461. 

Jay Katelman

Jay Katelman
LIFE & LEGACY and OJAA Coordinator