Donor-Advised Funds

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How to Establish a Donor-Advised Fund:


  • Simply put, a Donor-Advised Fund is a personal charitable tool that helps you organize your charitable giving in one account.
  • You establish a fund with the JFOF by completing a simple agreement and contributing a minimum of $2,500.
  • For more details click the link to download an informational brochure
    or call Howard N. Epstein at 402-334-6466.Sharee and Murray Newman



Donor-Advised Recommendation Form:



Please fill out the form, scan and email it to or fax the form to 402-334-6765.

Or by Email:
You can use the following wording and send by email to Diane Walker:

Grant recommendation: Pursuant to the terms of the Donor-Advised Fund which I have established at the Jewish Federation of Omaha Foundation, I hereby suggest that you pay the following amount(s) to the following organization(s):

Amount: $_____________________________ 
Organization Name: _____________________ 
Organization Address: __________________

The above suggested distribution does not represent the payment of any pledge or other financial obligation. If any benefits or privileges are offered in connection with such distribution(s), I have not accepted and will not accept them.

Is the charity I want to support a 501(c)(3) charity?

You can use the IRS Charity Search Website to see if charity you would like to support with your donor-advised fund is a registered 501(c)(3) charity.

The Foundation is always happy to look up an organization for our donors to see if it qualifies to receive a donor-advised recommendation. Feel free to call us at any time.

Current Donor-Advised Donors

Click here to Access Your Account(s) Online

If you do not already have online access and would like to view your donor-advised fund (or endowment fund) reports online please contact Diane Walker and she will be happy to set you up with a login and password.

Diane Walker
Fund Administrator