Caryl and Bucky Greenberg shared a strong commitment to Omaha, and to the youth in the community. During their lifetimes they both served the youth of the community, and the Omaha area through their volunteer activities.  With a desire to continue helping to serve the young, Caryl and Bucky left a bequest in their will for the Anti-Defamation League through the Jewish Federation of Omaha Foundation.  Mary-Beth Muskin, former Regional Director of the ADL, stated, “Bucky was an amazing gentleman who was remarkably committed to the ADL-CRC, the community and making the world a better place.  The scholarship is a way to honor his and Caryl’s memory and continue their work.”

The Barton (Bucky) and Caryl Greenberg JCRC Memorial Social Justice Scholarship Fund will provide college scholarships to graduating high school seniors who have actively engaged in the ADL’s No Place for Hate program at their schools, or other ADL sponsored anti-bias or bullying prevention program for high school students.  The scholarship are open to all high school seniors who attend a No Place for Hate school, have made a commitment to making their school environment better, and will continue their education, using their No Place for Hate skills in their community into the future.

Reflecting on his parents lives, Joe Greenberg stated, “Overall, I would say they lived charmed lives.  They were happily married for over 60 years, they were healthy until the end, and they were able to do the things in life that they wanted to do.  They were role models for how to live a good, full life.”  Daughter Beth Greenberg added, “Love of family, friends, community and Judaism permeated both Bucky’s and Caryl’s lives, and they shared the most profound love for each other.   Perhaps both of their mottos would be, ‘Live life with purpose and enjoy life while you can.’  They often said that money was only good for the good you could do with it.”  The ADL and the Jewish Federation of Omaha Foundation are grateful for Caryl and Bucky’s charitable planning for the future of the ADL.