Our Mission
The mission of the Jewish Federation of Omaha Foundation is to help assure the stability and continuity of Jewish life and to support communal services in the Omaha area by establishing and accumulating enduring assets for permanent funding resources.

Donor Services
The Jewish Federation of Omaha Foundation adds value to its donors' ability to be philanthropic in several important ways: its knowledge of the Omaha Jewish community and its needs; its expertise in managing investments and working with donors' professional advisors; its choice of options to best respond to a donor's needs, assets and personal situation; its partnership with donors to leverage resources to achieve maximum benefits for the donor and for the community; and its enduring ability to assure that a donor's philanthropic intentions are fulfilled even when the donor is no longer personally able to do so. The Foundation can:

  • Backyard Conxert 2017Assist families with developing an intergenerational philanthropy mission
  • Provide professionally administered donor-advised fund program
  • Establish permanent endowment funds
  • Offer complete administration of supporting foundations
  • Administer and facilitate grants committees
  • Teach younger generations about the importance of philanthropy
  • Assist Jewish Federation agencies and affiliates with fundraising projects 
  • Assist families (and their professional advisors) in creating legacies through charitable bequests in wills, trusts, qualified retirement plans and LIFE & LEGACY Program.