Anne and Arthur GrossmanAnne and Arthur Grossman, of blessed memory, shared a deep love and commitment to Omaha’s Jewish community. This love was demonstrated during their lifetimes through their numerous volunteer activities, not only in the Jewish community, but in the greater Omaha community as well. They wanted their support of the Jewish community to continue after they were gone, and therefore established a Charitable Remainder Trust. A Charitable Remainder Trust provides a steady income to the beneficiaries during their lifetimes, with the remainder going to a charitable cause upon their death. The Omaha Jewish community was the beneficiary of the Grossmans’ thoughtful and generous estate planning. 

The proceeds of this trust created the Anne and Arthur Grossman Scholarship Fund at the Jewish Federation of Omaha Foundation. The fund will provide scholarships to enable Jewish high school students in the Omaha metropolitan area to travel to Israel on trips sponsored by the Jewish Federation, Omaha synagogues, or Jewish youth organizations. Anne and Arthur’s son, Dr. Ron Grossman said, “Aliyah, to see the land of our ancestors, is something my parents would have wished for all Jewish children.” 

Anne was the vice president of the Beth El Synagogue Sisterhood, and a volunteer helper in the Beth El Synagogue kitchen, along with various other secular community volunteer commitments.  

Art was a dedicated volunteer in the Jewish community. He served on the boards of the Jewish Federation of Omaha, the Jewish Community Center, the Bureau for the Aging, Jewish Family Service and Beth El Synagogue. He was also on the Russia Resettlement Committee, the steering committee for Phase III of the Rose Blumkin Jewish Home, Chairman of the Old Timers Division of the Federation Campaign, on the Men’s Federation campaign cabinet, the Federation telethon campaign and the Rose Blumkin Jewish Home telethon campaign. Throughout the years, Art was named Volunteer of the Year by Jewish Family Service, the Jewish Federation of Omaha and the Bureau for the Aging. He also wrote the Old Timers’ Review for The Jewish Press. 

Anne and Art Grossman wanted to continue their support of the Omaha Jewish community after their lifetimes, and by their mindful planning found a way to do so by establishing a Charitable Remainder Trust. Their thoughtfulness will be appreciated for years to come.