Benjamin and Anna WiesmanFor many years the Benjamin and Anna Wiesman family has had a strong connection to the Jewish community. Throughout the years, the Wiesmans have supported both local and national Jewish organizations. Anna, of blessed memory, and Ben were both deeply involved with organizations through volunteerism and community service in the Jewish community, as well as the secular community. In continuation of this tradition, Ben and his sons David, William, Mark, and Stephen donated funds for the Benjamin and Anna E. Wiesman Family Reception Room at the Learning Commons in the Jewish Community Center. “Our decision to support the renovation and upkeep of the JCC is in keeping with this history,” said Mark Wiesman.

The Benjamin and Anna E. Wiesman Family Foundation also established the Benjamin and Anna E. Wiesman Family Reception Room Maintenance Endowment Fund at the Jewish Federation of Omaha Foundation.  The purpose of this fund is to pay for costs of cleaning, maintenance, repairs and upkeep of the Benjamin and Anna E. Wiesman Family Reception Room at the Learning Commons at the Jewish Community Center. Mark said, “We feel that maintenance and operation funding is often overlooked in capital projects such as this, therefore we have contributed to an endowment to maintain the building.”

Steve Levinger, former Chief Development Officer of the Jewish Federation of Omaha, said, “Thanks to the generosity of Ben Wiesman and Anna Wiesman, of blessed memory, along with their sons, David, William, Mark, and Stephen, this reception room will provide our community with a space for learning and for hosting a variety of diverse programming.  We are grateful for the Wiesman family’s gift to the project which also includes an endowment provision to ensure this space will be well maintained for years to come.”

While the establishment of this fund was a Wiesman family decision, Mark said that his father, “was very interested in supporting the JCC, and the Federation.” Although the JCC has been open to all of Omaha, David is hopeful that the new reception room will become even more utilized by all members of the metropolitan Omaha community.  Mark feels the inclusion of all Omaha area citizens promotes understanding and helps to reduce prejudice. Mark said, “Our family has benefited from the various programs that the Federation and JCC have offered over the years, and we feel that it is right that we should “give back” to them.”